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Data Room is a short name for a special working space with computer graphics workstation and organized complex database, and all relevant results of oil and gas exploration in Montenegro. According to the Law on Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons, these geodata are the property of the Montenegro Government, represented by the Ministry of Economy. Geodata are available to the representatives of a legal person who is registered and approved by the Ministry, as Data Room user.


The available data on oil and gas exploration are organized in the form of a specialized database that contains all collected, processed and interpreted informations about oil and gas exploration, on offshore and onshore of Montenegro. The database of seismic, geological, geophysical, geochemical and other data on oil and gas exploration is complex and includes: seismic reflective 2D surveys data to the extent of about 6 TB and in the total length of 6,500 km, results of 3D seismic profiling on the surface of 311 km2, 2D seismic reflective profiles of older date in analog form and on photo film to the extent of about 3,500 km and digital seismic data in the form of so-called 3D GeoQube methods on an area of 138 km2.


Also, database contains informations on applied parameters of seismic surveys (navigation data, technical information on excitation of seismic waves, the numerical procedure of processing and reprocessing, etc.), then situational maps with the position of profiles, digital and analog maps with identified structural prospects of oil and gas and diagrams of geophysical exploratory boreholes (logs), geochemical and other methods of drilling core samples analysis.


Numerous reports and studies on conducted investigations, with results of data processing and interpretation in analog and digital form, are part of the available data. Data Room includes special depot with physical drilling core samples of deep exploration wells, on offshore and onshore of Montenegro at the extent of about 40 m3.


The picture shows routes of 2D seismic profiles, contour zone of 3D seismic survey and deep exploration wells (blue circles). Block delineation (grid) is represented with gray lines.